We source and supply, quality and affordable fuels, lubricants and other oil products to Oil & Gas, Agricultural, Aviation, Bunkering, Construction, Mining, Industrial and Transportation clients. We also offer fuel depot management services and customized storage solutions for our customers.



Products: we source and supply the following products

  • Petroleum Products – Petrol, Diesel, Aviation Fuels, Gases
  • Bunker Oils — Marine Fuel Oil, Gas Oil
  • Lubricants – Commercial and Industrial Oils
  • Specialty Products – Bitumen, Chemicals, Waxes and Solvents
  • Refinery Feedstock – Crude Oils, Reformate, Components, Fuels Imports
  • Renewable Energy – Bio-fuels, Solar, LED, Wind Power
  • Heat-Power Generation Feedstock – Coal, LNG, Biomass


Services: we provide a variety of storage units and mobile dispensing kits

  • Supplying/Leasing of mobile skid kits, containerized units and isotanks for fuels and LPG
  • Mobile Storage Tanks – Fuel Trailers, Bowser
  • Refueler Lease/Purchase Program
  • Storage Tanks – Above Ground Bulk Fuel Tanks
  • Fuel Distribution and Transportation – Ship, Road and Rail Tankers
  • Fuel Depots Management – Gantry Operation, Fuel Management Systems
  • Aircraft Refueling Operation – Municipality, Government and Privately-owned airports